About Me

Who I am
I am a 50-something Wife of about 30 years, Mom to 3 grown sons, Granny to 2 brothers. I live on a farm and am able to love of Arts and Crafts.

Arts and Crafts
I love to draw, do a little painting on fabric and love to craft. I was taught to sew, crochet and knit by my paternal Granny. I am eternally grateful to her. It has been a consuming passion of mine. I dabble in most crafts, with Scrapbookng possibly my favourite, because I can indulge virtually any craft medium in my pages, ncludng Photography!

Other mother
Granny also introduced me to animals. Granny was First Lady of the local zoo. It was really advanced for it's time. None of the large animals lived in cages; they were all in huge habitats. Only birds and some of the small cats were in enclosures, but as big and natural as possible. We often had sick, injured, or orphaned animals to look after at home. I had all kinds of pets growng up; an egg-eater snake, guinea pigs, white rat, chickens, dogs, cats, budgies, horses and loved it. I am lucky to have spent a lot of time in the Afrrican bush with wldlife. I've had hands-on encounters with elephants, lions, cheetah, monkeys, reptiles, birds, and buck. Thrilling and exciting.  I am writng a book about all my animal encounters.
I am the Other mom to 5 dogs, 1 parrot, 1 African Grey, 1 Cat and a myriad of farm animals. Rescue mom to occasional beauties like a baby duiker (tiny buck), baby birds, lost bats, goslings, chicks, lambs, calves, etc.

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